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Process Equipment
Manual Stacking of ceramic layers is the most common method of producing a "Stack"
for lamination and it can be a very accurate and reliable process. Developed as a
solid solution to layer sequencing errors, the Carousel Tape Dispense System (CTDS) delivers each layer in
correct sequence and allows the operator to focus on the stacking process. Each lot of a given layer is introduced
into the CTDS through a bar-code reader to accurately assign each layer to a specific bin. During the stacking
process, each bin is presented to the operator and its specific door is opened allowing access to just that layer.
Our new stacking fixture eliminates the stretching of tape layers by
incrementing the registration pins upward as each layer is placed on the stack.
By using Credence lamination tooling plates, the stack is ready for lamination
once the stack is complete. Our dual plate design provides a simple and
reliable way to remove the laminated block from the tooling plate registration
pins. Click on the Image to bring up the specifications in .pdf format.
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