Credence Engineering Inc.
Process Equipment
Developed specifically to reduce the footprint of an in-line drying system, The
DR-100 Multi-Drawer Dryer not only requires 8 sq. ft. of floor space, but it also
provides a very controlled drying process for both via fill paste and LTCC inks. The DR-100 comes in 3, 4 or 5
drawer models to give you the specific throughput that you need. Its compact size and affordable price allow you
to put a DR-100 next to each Via Fill system as well as each print process to create a true in-line process flow or a
creative manufacturing cell. Each drawer is independently controlled by a set of
push buttons and LEDs on the front panel next to each drawer. When a drawer is
empty, its LED is green. When a drawer is loaded with tape the operator pushes
the "Drawer In" button closing that drawer which begins the drying process. Once
closed the LED turns red. Once the process time is complete for that drawer, the
LED turns blinking green. If the drawer is not opened on time to remove the dried
tapes, the LED turns blinking red to indicate that the process is past the
maximum process time. It has built-in strip heaters, a recirculating air system and
a hepa-filter to prevent particles from settling onto the fresh ink. Temperature is
manually set. Process time is programmed in using the portable system
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