Credence Engineering Inc.
Process Equipment
VF-1 Developed
in 1989 for Medtronic
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video of this system
still in operation in 2008
The Credence VF-8 is based upon the VF-1 extrusion Via Fill technology
developed in 1987 at Medtronic. This method will go far beyond the 1:1 aspect
ratio that limits screen print Via Filling. We have filled .004" Diameter vias through
.188" thick solid fired ceramic plate with high success. When it comes to shrinking
your via geometry down to .002" and smaller, the only way you will fill them is with a
Credence VF-8. The extrusion process is simple and inexpensive. You punch a
copper mask on your via punch machine along with each tape layer and use that
mask in the Via Fill Process to fill the tapes. There is no investment in Via Fill
Screens and there is no tying up a $200,000 printer to do Via Fill. The VF-8 yields
higher, has better fill, has less bleed-out and it is just an overall better process. The
Via Fill Tool Set is manually lifted out of the Carriage and another Tool Set already
setup ahead of time is dropped in place ready to go. Changeover is less than a
minute. The pressure and time settings are all manually set very easily keeping the
cost where you want it, in the press and Tooling Set. Consider the VF-Via Fill
System from Credence Engineering. There is no better or simpler method.
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