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VP-8411DT Via Punching System
The VP-8411DT is taken from a concept that Jim developed at Medtronic, the punching of Dual Tapes
simultaneously. By utilizing the common XY Stage and Control System and by widening the bridge assembly and
adding a second tooling plate, two individual tapes can be punched at the same time effectively doubling your
throughput for a little over the cost of a single machine. This system also utilizes the concept found in our VP-8411
where your tape is divided into quadrants and an active via punch is located in each quadrant effectively
quadrupling the throughput over our Lab machine. This system has all of the flexibility of our lab machine and
approaches the throughput of machines 4X the cost. At 160 Vias per
second this machine is a workhorse. Made from the finest materials
and components available, the VP-8411DT will do the work of eight
lab machines. The entire line of Credence Via Punching Systems
use all of the same tooling, holders, installation tools and tool plates.
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