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VP-8411D Via Punching System
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The VP-8411D has taken the idea of transition growth a step further. Added to the VP-8411 is a second via punch
pattern for a different tape size. Suppose you are producing product using 6"X6" tape and you believe someday
that you will grow in volume and will need to use 8"X8" tape. Credence Engineering has developed a way that your
Via Punching system can be designed and fit with two distinct via punch patterns, one for 6X6 and one for 8X8.
Once you decide to change over to 8X8 you merely change over your VP-8411D to the larger pattern and begin
using larger tape. A process that takes only a couple of hours to perform and can be performed by your
maintenance personnel, allows your Credence Via Punch system to give the
long-term usefulness that it was designed to give. With all of the same flexibility and
features that are designed into its younger brothers, the VP-8411D serves long
beyond most punches' usefulness. The entire line of Credence Via Punching
Systems use all of the same tooling, holders, installation tools and tool plates. Our
commitment to you is superior products that make you money.
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