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VP-8411 Via Punching System
Similar to the VP-8211, the VP-8411 has 4 active via punches. It is a well known
problem in the industry that the Via Punching Process is always the bottleneck
as companies grow.The idea behind this the VP-8411 is for the customer to
divide their tape design into 4 equal quadrants with a specific "Step-and-Repeat"
that is used for as many products as possible. This gives them the immediate
advantage of using 4 via punches at once thereby quadrupling their via punch
process output. For a modest increase in price over a VP-8211 you gain 4X the
throughput. With all of the same features and flexibility, the VP-8411 reaches into
the realm of "Production" machine at 80 vias per second. Also built with longevity
in mind, the VP-8411 stands alone between prototype and Mass production.
Easy to operate and maintain the VP-8411 is the logical step to solve your via
punching throughput problems.
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