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highest capability machine used at Medtronic. Its dual tape/4 via punches per tape design provided 50 vias per
second back in the mid nineties. Generation 7 was developed for Pacific Trinetics Corp (PTC) in 1996 as their
entrance into the Via Punching market designated APS-8718. Designed as a Lab machine it has two active via
punches to give you two different via sizes, one registration punch and a square punch. Our Lab Punch, the
VP-8411 has very similar capabilities, but more. At 20 hits per second it out-produces all competitive Lab
Punches. Jim developed true "Drop-In" tooling at Medtronic and it carried into the Credence product line. Jim also
Jim Ellis has been developing Via Punching Systems since 1984. Generation 6 was the
made many improvements over the APS-8718 to solve a lot of nagging annoyances
that he noticed over the years while building punches for PTC and rebuilding PTC
punches. The VP-8411 is the fastest, most accurate, most durable prototype
punching system in the market today. Contact Credence Engineering for more
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