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Process Equipment
LSH-200 Slurry Level Controller
Credence Engineering has developed state-of-the-art slurry level control
equipment that will maintain the slurry level in our reservoirs to within .010" and
even tighter depending on the specific setup. Originally developed in 2000 the
LSH-200 has had a recent major upgrade in technology, ease of setup,
features, and appearance. The best improvement has been the addition of the
laser sensor which is both color insensitive and resolves down to sub-micron
precision. Our new micro-controller and touch-screen display make setup
extremely easy. Our patented control system and patented proportional pinch
valve are the key elements that enable the LSH-200 to out-perform any level
controlling system on the market. When you couple this Cutting Edge level
controller technology with our precisionSlurry Reservoirs and Doctor blades,
you will see immediate results in both yield and product consistency. Contact
Credence Engineering today to fulfill your Tape Casting control needs.
Patents: 6,868,861 and 6,695,278
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