Credence Engineering Inc.
Process Equipment
SR Series Slurry Reservoirs
Credence Engineering has developed state-of-the-art Slurry Reservoirs
which all have our proprietary Spreader Valve which spreads the
introduction slurry laterally so perfectly that there are no influx waves to
influence the casting head pressure. The Sr-100 series are reservoirs
without doctor blades. The Sr-150 series are reservoir with single doctor
baldes and adjustments. The Sr-200 series are reservoirs with dual doctor
blades and adjustments. All adjusting readouts are 20 millionths dial
indicators with micrometer adjustment. All doctor blades shorter than 24"
are heat treated stainless steel ground and lapped straight to within
.0002". Doctor blades longer than 24" are fused quartz ground straight
and flat to .0005". When used in conjunction with Credence LSH-200 level
controller, the total combination will create the finest casting control
available anywhere.
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