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Process Equipment
TM Series Thickness Mesurement Systems
The TM Series of Thickness Measurement Systems use a laser
measurement technology that is color insensitive and accurate to
sub-micron resolution. The TM is available with single or multiple laser
heads and manual or automatic scan. Cast widths up to 60" and wider
are possible. The TM series of Thickness Measurement Systems
incorporate a self calibration technology where the sensor reads the
casting surface and correlates the variations in reading with the Y
position across the cast. This negates any out-of-straightness errors
there might be in the laser head rail. Setup is easy and data can be
uploaded automatically as "Z" readings vs Time (for single sensor
models) to "Z" vs "Y" vs Time to full characterizing of the casting
surface and uploasding of surface profiles. Since virtually every system
is custom, please consult the Factory for pricing and delivery.
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