Credence Engineering Inc.
Process Equipment
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Jim Ellis, President of Credence Engineering, Inc. has over 25 years experience in developing state-of-the-art
equipment for the Multi-Layer ceramic industry. From the up-front processes of materials prep, through green
ceramic processing, through firing, plating, brazing and test, Jim has developed equipment and tooling for
virtually every process. In several cases, Jim has developed several generations of a particular process
machine. An example is the Via Punch process. Their original punch was a Cladan single punch machine that
created 1 via per second. The generation 2 system had eight active via punches and created 8 vias per second.
Generation 6 (Medtronic's final punch design used) created 50 vias per second. With hands on experience in
finding the smallest details that affect the process and locking down variables, Jim has been instrumental in
Medtronic's growth from 100 parts per week with yields on the 40s to 10,000 parts per week with yields in the
high nineties and several weeks of 100% yields. Jim is available for consulting. Please use the link below if you
have any needs.
Credence Engineering Incorporated, 237 W. La Vieve Ln., Tempe, Arizona, USA, Ph: USA-480-752-9776, E-Fax: USA-602-798-8277